Android@Home, Smart Home and 6LoWPAN at c-base in Berlin

Presentation and discussion about Android@Home, Arduino, Microchip’s Ardunio Clone, Smart Home, Android 4.0, Bluetooth / Bluetooth LE support with Android 4.0, Accessories for Android on USB and Bluetooth. Google and the radio link protocol 6LoWPAN.  Mistakes of Google Power Meter and Microsoft Hohm.

Moderator: Benjamin Weiß
Speaker: Harald Naumann
Date: 31. August 2011
Time: 7:00 P.M – 10:00 P.M.
Price: Free of charge
Sponsor: Right now nobody, sponsoring is welcome
c-base e.V.
Rungestrasse 20
10179 Berlin
Address at Open Street Maps

I will try to have a Microchip Android@Home evaluation kit with me. Right now non of my phones is supporting Android 2.3.4 or non of my tablet PCs is supporting Android 3.1.

Android@Home supported Android Devices by (As of July 10, 2011)


  • A500 (Picasso)


  • Eee Pad (EeePad)
  • Transformer TF101 (TF101)


  • Streak 10 Pro (Streak10Pro)


  • Nexus One (Passion)


  • Streak 10 Pro (Streak10Pro)


  •  Optimus Pad (v909)


  •  Xoom (Stringray, Wingray, Wifi_hubble, umts_everest, umts_hubble)


  •  GT-P7500 (GT-P7500)
  •  GT-P7510 (GT-P7510)
  • Nexus S (Crespo, Crespo4g)


  •  AT100 (Tostab03)
  1. neil h said:

    Hey sounds interesting. Is there an online access as well.?

    • I will try to make the event Android@Home, Smart Home and 6LoWPAN online. What extensions to use? Google Hangout is maybe to slow or to limited. I am working with a big distributor for electronic components in Europe. If I can use their tools for webinars, then I can make the presentation online. I just have to upload the Power Point Presentation on a server and can then remote control it. Everybody who is interested in can dial in with local phone number. Based on that tools I can invite manufacturers of Android@Home PCB too.
      Last three weeks I was on holiday. There is a big back log of emails and project updates. Anyhow, I will try to make the event public online as well. If I run in trouble with my time, then at least next presentation will be online. I am travelling a lot to different destinations. The idea is to use the locations of the other GTUGs for the events. Based on that people outside Hannover region has a chance to talk to me direct as well.

      Nevertheless I am working on some further blogposts related to that topics. At my personal blog is a lot of technical stuff related to Wireless M2M public.

      Regards from North of Germany
      P.S.: It is my last day of holiday and it is raining again. 😦

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